Mavka.Show (Warszawa)
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Mavka.Show (Warszawa)

Teatr Palladium
sunday, 14:00
По возвратам обращайтесь в колл-центр

The grand premiere of Mavka.Show is based on the most anticipated Ukrainian animated film Mavka. The Forest Song".

The choreographic performance "Mavka. The Show" is a unique combination of classics and modernity in a new format, complemented by bright choreographic and acrobatic numbers, visual special effects, and directorial solutions, which can be seen in *** this autumn!

"Mavka. The Show" is:

- unique stage solutions, which the European audience has never seen before

- choreography and acrobatic performances on the theater stage, which are combined with a fascinating story  

- classic Ukrainian story in a new format that remains relevant through the years

- a story that will be interesting for adults and children, because everyone will recognize themselves.

The story from the cartoon "Mavka. The Forest Song", spectacular circus and interactive performances, incredible Ukrainian costumes, and state-of-the-art scenery. All of this makes "Mavka.Show" a truly unique event that should not be missed!

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