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The concert agency PanKoncert has been operating in Poland since 2013. It was created by experts from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, who have been associated with the concert and entertainment industry for several years. Its idea was to popularise culture and present outstanding artistic groups from Eastern Europe. We completed the largest concert tour in Poland (February 2015), during which the National Ballet of Georgia SUKHISHVILI visited 14 cities, giving 17 unforgettable performances.

Since 2014, we have also been organising events for children, presenting international shows aimed at the youngest. Our portfolio includes several hundred tours in Europe with projects already recognizable in Poland:

• Soap Bubbles Theater - a colourful show for children aged 3-9, in which the main characters are huge soap bubbles!

• Funny Balloons Show , during which hundreds or even thousands of balloons in all colours of the rainbow appear on the stage. Balloon costumes, balloon scenery, balloon decorations!

• BAMBOLINO - a theatrical circus spectacle, an extremely colourful circus show by the phenomenal master Bambolino!

The Mad Scientists Show – an educational show for children aged 5-12, i.e. an exciting show of experiments in various fields of knowledge.

• Robotrons "Invincible Angels of the Galaxy" is an unforgettable journey on a space shuttle, during which you will see where the line between reality and fantasy blurs and you will see the future with your own eyes! Come on board - together we can save the world from destruction!

We try to give all children a chance to see our unique performances, which is why tickets are available at affordable prices, and the hours of performances are set so that both organised groups: kindergartens, schools (morning screenings) and whole families (screenings) can participate in them (afternoon and weekend).

We invite partners and institutions to cooperate (tel: +48796440401, e-mail:, and children to attend our performances!

PANCONCERT, we organise emotions for you!

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